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Greetings from Director

Welcome to SRRC webpage.


Soft Robotics Research Center (SRRC) of Seoul National University was established in November 2016 as an Engineering Research Center (ERC), a project of the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) Grant, funded by the Korean Government (Ministry of Science and Information Technology)

This research center aims to lead soft robotics technology, which are under the main technologies of the national R&D strategic roadmap, through the development of next-generation wearable robot technology.

Detailed research areas are

1) the design of soft wearable robots with enhanced conformability and durability based on embodied intelligence and biomechanics,

2) the development of soft sensors and soft sensor arrays capable of estimating the robot's condition though high deformation and flex and

3) identify wearer's intention / work situation and develop wearable robot control algorithm based on machine learning. In addition, through creative, practical and convergent research, SRRC will foster excellent research groups that will lead the next generation of wearable robot technology and lead related industries.

In this process, SRRC will establish the world class global soft robotics hub through global stage industry-university collaboration and contribute to international soft robotics industry such as creating new jobs and industry field.


Prof. Kyujin Cho

Director, Soft Robotics Research Center

Seoul National University 

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